A bisymmetry equation on restricted domain by Kocsis I.

By Kocsis I.

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3. ELEMENTARY STARTING BOX. 28 = b ) + Ra horsepower motor to a value I a 816 amperes compared with rated current of only 37 amperes. D This equation equal to zero. f. Practically the current would not reach such 33 ELECTRIC MOTORS, THEIR ACTION AND CONTROL. 34 an extreme value, because the fuses or circuit-breaker would act to it; but a very excessive armature current would flow at least prevent momentarily with injurious mechanical as well as electrical effects. To prevent injury and at the same time to obtain gradual acceleration, an adjustable rheostat, commonly called a "starting box," is inserted in series with the armature, the resistance of ally As a reduced as the speed increases.

5 cm. of wire per turn, or i meter of wire would make eight turns. 5 cm. apart, which is equal to the diameter of the wire, so that eight turns require 8 cm. height. total length of resistance wire being 180 meters, each section meters long and section if is made up composed in of 60 X 8 or 480 turns. The is 60 Hence each one helix would be 480 cm. high. In order it may be divided into 12 units, that a section should not be too long, each 40 cm. high. For the complete box 36 units are required, each 40 cm.

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