Afforestation in Arid Zones by Professor Dr. A. De Philippis (auth.), R. N. Kaul (eds.)

By Professor Dr. A. De Philippis (auth.), R. N. Kaul (eds.)

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Nevertheless, afforestation solely with bare rooted young plants cannot be envisaged under conditions of irregular winter rains. It is, however, necessary to carry out plantations with balled seedlings under different soil moisture conditions. 31 One observation which is frequently made on a visit to the forest nurseries being maintained by the Forest Service for afforestation work is the great economy that has been achieved. S. Dollars are as follows: Pinus halepensis with bare roots Pinus halepensis in small polyethylene bags Pinus halepensis in flower-pots of clay Pinus pinea in pots Eucalyptus spp.

Clayey alluvial, with salty), Anabasis articulata Mog. (Salty), Diplotaxis harra (Forssk). Boiss. ) o. Kuntze. (Salty), Mesembrianthemum nodifiorum L. ) Paug. E. Br. var. hispanica (De Coincy) Maire. (c) Species existing in the subregions III and III (IV) but which are also found in other xerophytic and hot Mediterranean subregions, principally IV (III), IV1 and IV 2. ) Bge. ) Mill. (Sandy), Lycium intricatum Boiss. (Salty), Nerium oleander L. (Subterranean water), Punica granatum L. (Exotic), Phoenix dactylifera L.

Subterranean water), Punica granatum L. (Exotic), Phoenix dactylifera L. ) Mill. (Introduced and afforested) and Pinus halepensis Mill. (Fraction less xerophytic). (d) Species found in the subregions III, III (IV), and IV (VII) and also, in the majority of cases, in other xerophytic and hot Mediterranean regions. , Atriplex halimus L. (Saline), A. , Artemisia herba-alba Asso. (Alluvial and eroded soils), Frankenia pulverulata L. (Saline), Glycyrrhiza glabra L. , Juncus maritimus Lemk. (Humid soil, salty), Peganum harmala L.

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