Arado Ar 240 by Gerhard Lang

By Gerhard Lang

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The SPAD corporation was once one of many prime French brands to supply Fighter plane in WWI. comprises the Spad A. 2, Spad 7. C. 1, Spad 12. Ca. 1, Spad thirteen. C. 1, Spad 17, Spad 21, Spad 14, Spad 22, and Spad 24 editions. additionally covers the British Spad 7s, in addition to Spads in American provider. 118 b/w photographs, 39 line drawings, 10 full-color drawings.

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Aviatik D. I. КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Aviatik D. I. (Windsock Datafile 45)ByPeter M. GroszPublisher: Albatros Productions Ltd1994 forty PagesISBN: 094841460XPDF20 MBThe Aviatik D. I, sometimes called Berg D. I or the Berg Fighter' (due to the truth that it used to be designed through Oberingenieur Julius von Berg), was once the 1st indigenous fighter airplane of the Austro-Hungarian Air provider (Luftfahrtruppen).

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;Unmanned Air autos: An Illustrated learn of UAVs ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ,ТЕХНИКА Название: Unmanned Air cars: An Illustrated learn of UAVsАвтор: invoice HolderИздательство: Schiffer PublishingISBN: 0764315005Год: 2001Страниц: 72Формат: PDF в RARРазмер: 38. 04МБЯзык: английскийOver a hundred and fifty color and b/w pictures, sb.

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