Armature Windings of Electric Machines by Horace Field Parshall

By Horace Field Parshall

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17, page 34, which will be recognized at once as the multipolar ring counterpart of the two-circuit winding as applied to multipolar drums. This winding " will be referred to as a " short connection," two-circuit gramme winding. In the " long-connection type, If it coils, it examples of which have just been given, connection has been made between coils situated in fields of like But in the "short-connection" type, connection is made between coils in adjacent fields. Both polarity. methods are feasible in ring windings, because the two ends of a coil located at a certain 'point of the periphery are accessible for connection at the commutator end if desired, but in drum windings only one end of a conductor located at a given point of the periphery is accessible at the commutator end, the other end of the conductor being necessarily connected across at the opposite end of the armature, and in consequence, also, must be connected over to a conductor in an adjacent field of unlike polarity, in order that the electromotive force, which is, say, from front to back in the first conductor, may add itself to that in the second conductor, which must therefore be from back to front; that is, the second conductor must be situated in a field of opposite polarity.

6 the number of commutator segments 11 made is equal to half the number of coils by connecting two coils in between each pair of adjacent segments. The coils so connected in series are situated in adjoining fields of opposite This winding has the disadvantage that coils at polarity. series quite different potentials are adjacent, as may be seen by fol- lowing through the various armature circuits from brush to This increases the difficulty of insulating. The volts brush. per bar also, for the same number of conductors per twice as high as in the simple for any reason, to halve the erable to combine two in cases it would be adjacent coils into one, advantages of the simple But gramme ring.

Would result from and several such a choice of no however, that pitches. advantages, disadvantages, It may also be well to note that (/ is thought, " short-connection " Figure 17 represents a two-circuit, single-wound, four-pole ring of the type just described. n This is = 4, + 9 = 17, 17 Number + 7=24, of 8, s s = ny 2 =4x8+ 2 = 34. 1) and (y + 1) must be used alterbeing even and also /, (j/ of connections will be seen in the figure to be 1, 1 + 7 = 8, The sequence etc. commutator segments In the position shown, coils circuits = the case referred to above, in which, nately as the pitch in connecting up.

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