Astronomy and History Selected Essays by O. Neugebauer

By O. Neugebauer

The choice of papers assembled right here on a number of issues in historic and medieval astronomy was once initially advised through Noel Swerdlow of the collage of Chicago. He was once additionally instrumental in creating a choice* which might, as a rule, be at the comparable point as my booklet the precise Sciences in Antiquity. it can additionally offer a basic historical past for my extra technical historical past of old Mathematical Astronomy and for my version of Astronomi­ cal Cuneiform Texts. a number of of those republished articles have been written simply because i needed to place to relaxation well-entrenched historic myths that can now not face up to shut scrutiny of the resources. Examples are the meant astronomical beginning of the Egyptian calendar (see [9]), the invention of precession by means of the Babylonians [16], and the "simplification" of the Ptolemaic approach in Copernicus' De Revolutionibus [40]. In all of my paintings i've got striven to offer as competently as i may what the unique assets show (which is frequently very varied from the bought view). hence, in [32] dialogue of the technical terminology illuminates the which means of an historical passage which has been often misused to help glossy theories approximately historical heliocentrism; in [33] a virtually remoted example unearths how Greek world-maps rather seemed; and in [43] the Alexandrian Easter computus, held in awe via many historians, is proven from Ethiopic assets to be in response to extremely simple procedures.

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Titan Unveiled: Saturn's Mysterious Moon Explored

Within the early Nineteen Eighties, whilst the 2 Voyager spacecraft skimmed earlier Titan, Saturn's greatest moon, they transmitted again attractive photographs of a mysterious global hid in a probably impenetrable orange haze. Titan Unveiled is likely one of the first normal curiosity books to bare the startling new discoveries which were made because the arrival of the Cassini-Huygens challenge to Saturn and Titan.

Stellar Evolution Physics, Vol. 2: Advanced Evolution of Single Stars

This quantity explains the microscopic physics working in stars in complicated levels in their evolution and describes with many numerical examples and illustrations how they reply to this microphysics. types of low and intermediate mass are advanced in the course of the middle helium-burning part, the asymptotic sizeable department part (alternating shell hydrogen and helium burning) and during the ultimate cooling white dwarf section.

Theory of orbit determination

"Determining orbits for average and synthetic celestial our bodies is a necessary step within the exploration and realizing of the sunlight method. notwithstanding, contemporary growth within the caliber and volume of information from astronomical observations and spacecraft monitoring has generated orbit choice difficulties which can't be dealt with by way of classical algorithms.

Pioneer odyssey

"Pioneer 10 is the 1st spacecraft to fly past the orbit of Mars and during the Asteroid belt, it made the 1st sequence of "in situ" measurements of Jupiter's atmosphere, it supplied the 1st close-up photos of the enormous planet and eventually, Pioneer 10 is the 1st man-made item to go away the sunlight procedure.

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Papers. and books consulted would require about the same space as the text of this paper; and even such a bibliography would be of very restricted use for the reader without often very long discussions in order to justify the special conclusions drawn here. I am still hoping to publish lectures on ancient astronomy which will discuss in detail problems which are touched here. t Professor of Mathematics. Brown University. 23 23 24 STUDIES IN CIVILIZATION in order to be able to understand the influence of the preceding phases on all following development.

A third group of documents, again written in Demotic, concerns the positions of the planets. 10 The last group of texts is again inscribed on ceilings and has been frequently discussed because of their representation of the zQdiac. l l There can be no doubt that these latter texts were deeply influenced by nonEgyptian concepts characteristic for the Hellenistic period. The same holds, of course, for the few Coptic astronomical documents we possess. 12 It is, finally, worth mentioning that not a single report of observations is preserved, in strong contrast to 8 N eugebauer-Volten [1).

We cannot emphasize too strongly that the essential point in the above-described methods lies not in the comparatively high accuracy of the results obtained but in their fundamentally new attitude toward the whole problem. , pp. , and Schnabel [I], pp. ) are based on unsatisfactory methods. The generally accepted statement that Naburimannu was the founder of the older system of the lunar theory relies on nothing more than the occurrence of this name in one of the latest tablets in a context which is not perfectly clear.

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