Informationsstruktur und Grammatik by Joachim Jacobs (auth.), Joachim Jacobs (eds.)

By Joachim Jacobs (auth.), Joachim Jacobs (eds.)

Dr. Joachim Jacobs ist Professor für Sprachwissenschaft an der Universität-Gesamthochschule Wuppertal.

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Again, John must be a possible topic at the current point in discourse. 5 Conclusion In this article, I have tried to develop a coherent semantic framework that can capture sentences with multiple focus, both free focus and focus bound by overt operators. Structured meanings turned out to be a suitable representation format, and I have shown how a compositional semantics can be developed for those sentences within that format. In doing this, we have seen that much of the burden that was assigned to syntax in coindexing approaches such as Jacobs (1984, 1988, to appear) can in fact be taken over by well-formedness principles in the semantic component.

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