Palaeontology and biostratigraphy of the Early Cambrian by Qian Yi, Stefan Bengtson

By Qian Yi, Stefan Bengtson

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Although a definition of the genus was indeed given in that con text, this cannot be taken as a combined description of new genus and new species in the sense of ICZN Article 1 3c, as the genus was not regarded as monotypic and the proposed type species thus remained uncharacterized. ) However, although the short diagnosis of D. dilatatus given by Jiang ( in Luo et ai. 1 982) only purports to give the characters distinguishing it from an undescribed type species it mav be considered a description or definition in the sense of the ICZN.

12:7-9. 1967. Other species (list only partly annotated for synony­ Remarks on nomenclature. - No etymology of sthensobases was mies) : H. alata (Duan 1984) [=H. folliformisl , H. amorphis (Meshkova 1974) , H. asymmetrica (Mostler 1980) [=H. lata] , given, but the meaning of the Chinese version of the name H. bisulcata (Qian Yi & Yin Gongzheng 1 984a) , H. costulata (Meshkova 1974) , H. curuativa Mambetov 1981 [=H. tri­ anguliformis] , H. denlanatiformis Mambetov 1981, H. desqua­ mata (Duan 1984) [=H.

All x40 except A5. DA. GPIN 1 06860. As, detail of AI. DB. GPIN 1 06861 . DC. GPIN 1 06862. DD. GPIN 1 06863. DE. GPIN 1 06864. OF. GPIN 1 06865. g. Missarzhevskv & Mambetov 1981 , PI. 5:10). Halkieria pennata (He 198 1 ) is difficult to assess because of the poor quality of the published illustrations. jan Yi and Stefan Bengtson ured specimen (He 198 1 , PI. 1 : 1 2-14) appears to be very similar to a cultrate sclerite of H. sthenobasis and occurs at a corresponding stratigraphical. level together with Sinosa­ chites.

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