Video Games and Violence by Andrea C. Nakaya

By Andrea C. Nakaya

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Com. Consider these questions as you read: 1. Do you agree with the argument that there is no evidence that violent games cause mass shootings? Why or why not? 2. When Adam Lanza killed twenty-six people in a 2012 shooting, the media was quick to point out that he played violent video games. Why do you think the media is so quick to blame game violence for mass shootings? 3. How strong is the argument that violent people are drawn to violent game play, not made violent by it? Explain. Editor’s note: The discussion that follows presents common arguments made in support of this perspective, reinforced by facts, quotes, and examples taken from various sources.

Concerns about game violence teaching real-world violence are also unfounded. Most young people can distinguish between the fantasy world of game play and the real world. ” He says, “Santa Claus is a prime example. ”36 When gamers talk about their experiences, many of their comments lend support to this argument that violent game play is merely a form of entertainment for them and that they recognize that it does not resemble re“Scary stories and games ality. ” Another —Cheryl K. Olson, expert on media effects.

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